Boosted Posts vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Right for Your Business?

With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform, providing a huge opportunity for business advertisement.

By now, you probably know Facebook marketing is a key component to your digital strategy. But which type of Facebook marketing is best for your business?

Facebook has two main forms of marketing: boosted posts and Facebook ads. It’s important to know the difference between these in order to reach your business’s target audience effectively.

Let’s dive into the details of each advertising strategy so you can determine which is right for your business.

What is a Facebook Boosted Post?

A boosted post is an advertisement created using your own posts on your Facebook business page. 

To boost a post, simply find a post you want to advertise to a larger audience and click the ‘Boost Post’ button (usually situated in the right-hand corner of the post). You’ll need to fill in a few details to specify your target audience, how long you want your advert to run, and your budget and payment method before your post can be boosted.

Boosted posts are super easy because you don’t have to create a specific advertisement or write new marketing copy, you can simply use a post from your Facebook page.

The main goal of a boosted post is to drive more engagement with existing followers. This can be in the form of likes, reactions, comments and shares. In turn, this can increase brand awareness as your post is seen by people who do not currently follow you. 

Ultimately, this post will appear in more people’s news-feeds than a post that is not boosted would. Typically, only 6% of people who follow your business page will see your standard posts, so using the boost feature will help extend your business’s reach. 

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads offer a lot more advertising options than boosted posts. Unlike boosted posts, ads are created separately from your normal posts and can be optimized for website conversions, shop orders, video views and more.

Within Facebook, ads can appear in the center of a news-feed or on the side of the desktop screen when using a monitor. On a cell phone, ads can appear within the feed or during videos.

Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful platform, giving you access to more specific audiences, marketing objectives and campaigns. It’s A/B testing tool allows you to test your ads to determine which works best for your target audience.

Contrary to boosted posts, you can select multiple images or videos when using ads. You’re also able to track more performance metrics compared to boosted posts, which only allows you to track reach and clicks. 

Perhaps most valuable, Facebook Ads Manager tracks how much you spend on ads and return of investment for you. Lot of other tools are built into Facebook Ads Manager, such as a dashboard and audience insights.

The Re-targeting Factor

A key difference that may make Facebook Ads more effective for your business is ‘re-targeting’. Re-targeting allows you to advertise to people who have previously engaged with your business by visiting your site, app or shop. Ads that are used for re-targeting can be personalized to automatically show people the products or services they’re most interested in. 

Re-targeting enables you to keep your business in front of your potential customers after they’ve stopped viewing your content.

The Verdict

The type of Facebook marketing strategy you choose depends on your business goals. If you want to increase engagement and have a smaller budget, boosted posts may be best suited. Whereas if you want to implement more complex adverts and have a higher budget, Facebook Ads may be the right choice.

If you’re a smaller business that finds boosted posts profitable, we recommend trying out Facebook Ads to discover the increased benefits it may offer your business.

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