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General Policy

  • This site is not intended to persons under the age of eighteen (18).
  • Social Gravity is committed to protecting the client’s privacy whether through accessing or using its website, opening an account, or receiving services, and uses reasonable efforts to protect same. Social Gravity may only collect personal information that is specifically authorized at law, or where the collection is necessary to provide applicable services. 
  • By providing personal or billing information the client consents to collection of same by Social Gravity. 
  • In addition to the personal general information provided above, Social Gravity may collect and provide information in order to manage payments, provide promotional or program information, meet regulatory requirements, provide services, and improve our administration/programs.
  • This privacy policy will govern any and all transfers of data, sharing and collection of information, and use of same. 
  • Social Gravity at all times follows the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Ontario, and the Privacy Act, Canada.
  • Information collected directly by Social Gravity will be restricted to authorized staff members or subcontractors required to use same in order to perform the Services. 
  • Social Gravity will use every effort to maintain confidentiality and respect for all clients.
  • Social Gravity reserves the right to amend or update this privacy policy at anytime in its sole and absolute discretion.

Collection of Personal Information

  • When accessing the Social Gravity website and services, Social Gravity will collect certain information about interactions with the site and the visitor.
  • Social Gravity may share personal information from your engagement with their services with service providers in order to fulfill contracts, ensure accuracy of the services, and uphold professional standards. Personal information may include but is not limited to, IP addresses, cookie information, sites and products viewed, search terms, and how a client interacts with the site. 
  • Social Gravity may share personal account information from your purchases with third parties in order to process payments and maintain services. Personal information may include but is not limited to, name, billing/shipping address, contact information, payment information, etc.
  • Social Gravity may require further personal information in attempts to provide service support or technical help.

Privacy and Advertising

  • Social Gravity uses your information to provide targeted marketing and advertising through the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and their network partners. For more information about these platforms, we suggest visiting their respective websites.
  • You may opt-out of targeted advertising through these platforms directly and Social Gravity urges you to do so if you have any concerns.


  • Social Gravity uses a number of different cookies to make your browsing experience better, including but not limited to, functional, performance, social media, content, etc.
  • You can control or manage cookies in various ways with the understanding that removing cookies may affect the user experience with Social Gravity.
  • Blocking cookies may not completely limit the cookie information received or shared with Social Gravity.


Please also read our Terms & Conditions located Here.